About Hypnotherapy Change Works


Hi, Brian here, I passionate about helping people to become happier, calmer, more confident versions of themselves.  Whether that's to let go of anxiety, escape the clutches of depression or find the confidence to become the outgoing person that they always wanted to be (or were!).


Some people approach me with very specific issues such as a anxiety, stress, depression, lack of confidence, OCD, whilst others just know something does not sit right in a particular area of their life and need help seeking more clarity and self awareness.

I offer a free, 1 hour consultation before commencing any course of therapy, which is an opportunity for me to meet and talk about how you would like the current situation to be different. You will also be given a really useful understanding of how the brain works to create the problems you are facing and because Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an approach that has evolved through clinical research and modern developments in Neuroscience, I will be able to explain exactly how and why this process works so effectively.  So, you will be able to make a fully informed decision about whether this is the right approach for you. 




Face To Face Sessions

I offer face to face hypnotherapy in Denton which is a 5 minute drive from the A27 Beddingham roundabout.


My therapy space can be found at the base of the beautiful South Downs with plenty of parking and stunning, relaxing views.  



Online Therapy

Skype or Zoom is an effective way to access our help if you would rather stay in the comfort of your own home or are too far out of my geographical area. 


Clients with young children often find this helpful as they can arrange appointments when they have put them to bed, without having to leave the house.  This is often the preferred choice for commuters who don't get home until later in the evening. 


Skype or Zoom therapy is just as effective as a 1 to 1 session and offers more flexibility by fitting in around your home life.  Some people chose a mixture of both, coming in person for the consultation before moving to online if it suits their circumstances more.


You might be surprised to hear that only around 20% of hypnotherapists in the UK have the standard of qualification (HPD) recognised by the National Council For Hypnotherapy (NCH).

You can be reassured that I have qualified to this standard and are proud to have trained with CPHT, who are recognised as providing the most up-to-date training.  

I am also a qualified Supervisor, NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Senior Lecturer in Hypnotherapy for CHPT Brighton & CPHT Surrey. 







We are located in Denton, a couple of minutes off the A27 Beddingham roundabout.    


Alternatively, we offer sessions in the comfort of your own home via Skype or Zoom.

Text or Call 07557157084


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